It all happened so fast that Ethan even doubted it had happened at all. As much as he wished it hadn’t, Amber laying down in those stupid uncomfortable beds he knew she hated so much said otherwise. It hurt— it hurt so much. Because it was his fault. At least that’s how he saw it. Maybe if he had been paying more attention to the road, and maybe he was an actual good fucking driver they wouldn’t be in this situation. Everything he touched got hurt in some way or another, but not her. Why her? Why couldn’t it had been him. The world would’ve kept orbiting if he was the one that got hurt the most, not her. Because she was his world and now his world was crumbling down.

His head hurt too much, and those pills they had given him hadn’t helped at all. They’d already come into the room many times begging him to go and rest because he was hurt too. “I don’t care” He would say, and shut the door on them. 

      Only thing he cared about right now was Amber waking up so they could go home. 

It’d been a long night and for a moment it felt like they were back at the asylum. Ethan right next to Amber, waiting for her to come back to him. Because it wasn’t an if. She was going to come back to him. She always did. Just like he did the same for her. Running his hand through his hair he got up from his seat and walked over to the small restroom area they had there. He looked like shit, looking in the mirror only proved it to him once again. He opened up the tab and threw water on his face. Tried to breathe if there was still a reason for doing so.

He was drying his hands when he heard noises coming from outside and the heart monitor rise and fall. 

"Amber?" He called out, almost jogging out of the small place. He walked over to the end of the bed and stood there watching and hoping she would wake up so there could be a reason for him to just not drop dead. "Wake up" He whispered, his throat feeling dry as his heart beat began to rise out of relief. "You’re fine, come on.. Wake up, please


     Darkness. Amber was surrounded by darkness and an eerie fog that she would never be able to describe. And it was as if a weight was on her chest threatening to crush her whole, causing her lungs to ache whenever she tried to so much as breathe. She’d spent god knows how long just searching… searching for a way out of it, but it seemed never ending. She felt as though she’d be stuck here forever with no recollection of the last thing she’d done, of who she’d been with, or how she managed to have gotten stuck here. But the darkness was familiar in a way that caused the hair to stand up on her arms, and she just needed that stupid fucking light at the end of the tunnel, but the odds were just not in her favor. Not that they ever were. This wasn’t like a dream, this was inescapable. Or so it seemed.

    Her head hurt. It hurt in a way she forgot was even possible; it was worse than your average headache and the one thought clear in her mind was; how the fuck did I end up here? And her body ached as though she’d been hit by a truck, and for all she knew, she could’ve been.

     She could hear a low beeping sound that could only be identified as a heart monitor and where it was coming from she did not know. But suddenly, it was as if the weight on her chest was being lifted and the pain… the pain in her head intensified by so much she felt like screaming, but making any type of noise seemed impossible. She felt like she was just dying over and over again. She was like a dog that needed to be put out of it’s misery, but of course she wouldn’t be getting out of this that easy. The world always wanted her to suffer.

   Amber was slowly able to hear her surroundings; the nurses in the hallway, someone in the bathroom at the sink, that stupid fucking heart monitor she just wanted to shut up…

     And then, a voice.

         A man’s voice.

     Wake up, please.

        She squeezes her eyelids together and curls her fingers, her knuckles cracking in the process. And just like that, she’s awake and staring at the man in front of her. Her throat is dry and she lacks faith in the strength of her voice, but goes against her better judgement.

           ”H-How.. long have I been out?” She croaks. It sounded like she smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and she felt like her head was going to explode.


[embraces her back bc ugh frienDSHIP] I-I’m sorry, Amber. It was such a stressful time that I didn’t even think about calling you guys. But hey, we’re all good now. Everything’s fine and the past is the past. Ha, hopefully I’m never in that situation ever again. The pregnant situation, I mean, that was shit. The morning sickness, the bloating, the craving for foods that should never be combined with another, and around the end of the second trimester it feels like you’re carrying around a boulder. Please do me a favor and don’t get pregnant anytime soon with that little body of yours because that baby will wreck it. You will be crying almost everyday. But back on the subject, if you or Ethan ever need anything don’t hesitate to call me either. You two are all I have basically and I would go out of my way to help you two. Dead Ethan jokes, huh? Eh, hopefully they’re like, funny. Oh babe, why are you crying? Of course I’d make you his godmother! I love you, okay? Now c’mon, let’s go see the little rascal.


[idk she hugs her tighter bc ugh whitney] It’s okay, babe. You had a lot on your plate and we were probably the last things on your mind so I honestly don’t even blame you, but please, whenever you’re in trouble or need anyone or anything, please please don’t hesitate to call us because we’ll always have your back. Through thick and thin. You were there for me when I needed someone most and when I felt most alone… and without you pushing and pushing me to open up, I’d probably still be stuck in that fucking looney bin. I promise, I’ll always catch you if you fall. Pinky swear. There’s one thing for sure, I am not having a baby any time soon. Mostly because I’m still having trouble taking care of myself, and the thought of having to take care of another is enough but a baby… it’s scary. I mean, I know I have Ethan, my family and you… but I’m still so young, and I’m just not ready right now so you have nothing to worry about! Thanks, babe. That means a lot to me, really. Hey, we’re never going anywhere either. We’re always here. Even when we’re not actually there, we’re only a phone call away. Mm, yep. My mom will be like “Any pink plus signs yet?” and my dad’s like “Better go get the fucking shot gun.” And everyone laughs. But no one except me, and now you, knows how serious he is. Because… ugh, I can’t even deal. I never thought anyone would make me the godmother of their child, but here you are! You’re the best, I love you too. Yes, yes, let’s go.


Well, he came back with money which was extremely helpful since you can’t really take care of a baby without money. The first few months I was living off my uncle which I truly hated but, I mean, what are you gonna do? Can’t get a job when no one’s willing to watch your newborn infant. So yeah, the money was good. But, what did it mean? He left me when I really needed him, you know? Like, it sucks when there’s no one in the delivery room with you except the doctor and the nurses. It’s whatever, though. My main priority is the baby, not Ben. Heh, I never really expected myself to have a baby. Like, babies are weird. Sure you can! I want my son to meet his godmother.


[hugs and it’s a nice intense hug where she hugs her super tight and doesnt want to let go ok poor baby guhsdgusdgh] Whitney you should’ve called me… or Ethan. We would’ve came and helped you out, I promise. Please, if you’re ever in that kind of situation again come to us. We’ll be more than happy to help you, babe. Don’t ever be afraid to ask us for help. You’re like family to us, I don’t know what either of us would’ve done without you. We love you and your offspring. No matter what. Ugh, we would’ve been there every step of the way. I would’ve made a big deal about your cute lil’ baby bump, and whenever the baby would kick, and I would’ve been a better father to baby King than that pathetic excuse of a father. Ugh, babe, I’m so sorry you had to go through that alone. I just wish you would’ve called us. I told you I’m always here for you, and I meant it. For everything and anything! That’s good, though. You don’t need him and his negativity around your baby, too. Babies are weird. My mom keeps joking saying I’m gonna pop one out and my dad keeps making dead Ethan jokes, so that’s how my life is going. His g-godmother… are you… oh my god… are you joking?


Never let me go, Jack.


If by shenanigans you mean knocking me up and leaving me seven months pregnant to come back months later after the baby was born, then yeah, he’s been up to it. Did I mention I have a baby?

I’ll never let go.

What a piece of fucking shit. I’m done. I’m fucking done. I shouldn’t of expected him not to be a self-centered little cunt. You know what, fuck him… not literally, because obviously you’ve already done that, but you know what I mean. So, a baby, huh? I kind of figured that I’d be the one knocked up instead of you, but hey… you’re always full of surprises. Can I meet the little one?


We’ve been far away for too long if you think that you can take me seriously.


You two are just the cutest thing, honestly. Good! And you best believe I’ll always count on you, Iron Man.

For real, though. I’ve missed you so much it hurts, baby doll. And now that you’re back, I’m never letting you go anywhere.

Aw, thanks babe. How are you and Ben doing? He hasn’t tried any shenanigans has he? Do I need to knock some sense into him again? Because I will if I have to! Don’t worry, I’ll never let you down.


Don’t fret, my dear. We can still share everything and anything.


Ethan would probably just hand you one and then mope about it for the rest of the day. Of course you can, my Canadian beauty. Friends count on one another, right?

Thank god, I thought you were serious.

Yeah or that. Mostly I think he’d just tell me to get my own, because the only thing he’s good at sharing is our bed. Yes, they do and I’ll always count on you, Captain America.


Exactly. I don’t think this serious matter can be shared.


Just kidding, babe you can have half of the bracelets.

And to think I’m willing to share everything and anything with you.

Aw, babe. You’re the best. I think Ethan would tell me to go fuck myself and buy my own. At least I can count on my American beauty. 


But it’s…candy bracelets, Amber. 


I’m aware, Whitney. Candy bracelets are a very serious matter.